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Our Mission is to Help You Reduce Your Debt

Whether it's massive credit card debt, crushing medical bills or outstanding student loans, debt can take over every part of your life.

You don’t want to answer the phone because it might be a bill collector. Your email inbox is overflowing with “friendly” reminders about past-due accounts. And going to the mailbox is a major chore because it’s stuffed with letters from bill collectors. It’s stress, anxiety and worry.

There’s no way around it – when you’re in debt, the only thing you want is to be out. That’s where we step in.

Get a Free Debt Relief Quote and Find Out How You Can Reduce Your Debt
Get a Free Debt Consolidation Quote and Find Out How You Can Reduce Your Debt
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Helping You Reduce Your Debt

As the leading authority on all your debt-related issues, we aim to be your only source on topics that include debt consolidation and debt settlement.

We will connect you with a debt specialist, who will be an important part of your debt reduction team.

A debt specialist will demonstrate how to use your home mortgage to pay off your debt, and how to consolidate student loans to make them seem less daunting. They will give you the best advice in the business about keeping your debt levels at bay and help you explore all your options.

Understanding Your Debt Needs

At the Debt Consolidation Center, we will connect you with a superior team of professionals who can explain the different paths to debt relief. They will also guide you along the way to debt-free living. We understand that debt isn’t just about paying bills and living a frugal life. Debt is tied to deep emotional roots. It can cause stress, physical pain and emotional exhaustion.

In addition, we understand that different people have different debt-relief needs. The situations that affect retired people are far different than those that affect student loan borrowers. Veterans can have different avenues to debt settlement than others. We connect you with a specialist who understands these differences and will work to ensure that all of your financial needs are met.

Making Debt Less Intimidating

Our website works to cut through the jargon and make difficult topics easier to understand. From the confusing world of credit reports to the complexities of annual percentage rates, we strive to make information readable and easy to understand.

Throughout the Debt Consolidation Center, you will find useful information about debt settlement, debt consolidation, bankruptcy and other debt-relief opportunities. But because each person has individual circumstances that led to overwhelming debt, we know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. That’s where a debt specialist comes in. Fill out the form to get personalized answers to your debt difficulties and make your move to a clean slate.

Credit Card Consolidation

For credit card debt, one of the most common debt-reduction strategies is getting a low- or no-interest credit card, transferring several card balances to one card and paying it off over time. Even though consumers pay the same principal, the lower interest rates allow for lower monthly payments.

While this is a good plan for some consumers, others have so many financial commitments that banks are unwilling to offer new cards. Some key points to remember are to always read the fine print on credit card applications. Some offer introductory rates that shoot up after several months, others charge balance-transfer fees and others penalize even one missed payment.

Student Loan Consolidation

For consumers with student loans, consolidation could help ease the immediate financial burden while stretching payments out over a longer period of time.

A consolidated student loan allows consumers to avoid loan default, which can be devastating to credit ratings.

With payment plans that stretch as far out as 25 years, lower monthly payments and graduated payments that slowly step up over time, a consolidated student loan can ease the financial burden while allowing the borrower to meet their financial responsibilities.